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And then came the faeries

There are many legends and stories scattered throughout history that tell of fantastical creatures and miracles of magic. It is common knowledge that the majority of the world accepted magic and its creatures prior to the dawn of Christianity, prior to the crusades... The crusades had two major purposes. The first and for most was to rid the land of a group of people who believed in god, but denounced the necessity of a priest and church to speak to him.. the other purpose was to turn as many people to the church as possible so that the church could collect taxes from more people. Their tools of conversion. Lies, threats and violence. The papal authorities called the horned god Pan evil,claimed he was responsible for all the bad things in the world. People who did not conform were called heretics, and were hunted down. So what happened to the creatures, the spells? Hidden away, forgotten. Forgotten for fear of persecution. And now, though no fear remains, the memories are gone. The way to the enchanted lands has been mostly lost. But with new found faith we may again live in peace with the Earth and the power that she contains.

And now the answer to the ultimate question..
* * * * *
It seems that some scientists think that they have once and for all proven that god and religion does not exist in any framework other than our own imaginations. How You ask? Well after witnessing many Epileptics with temporal lobe epilepsy claim that they saw god and had other such 'divine experiences', they decided to see if religious experience was connected to the temporal lobes of our brains. They proceeded to run a series of test in which several nuns and Buddhist monks communicated with god or achieved enlightenment, and found that in both cases there was activity in the same regions of the brain, being the temporal lobes. What this leads many scientists to believe is that that activity the cause of religious experiences and paranormal sightings. They believe that if one saw a ghost, it was only an image portrayed by this aspect of our brain. Let's hope they are wrong. Why? Well, suppose for an moment that our brains ARE really creating everything that we see a feel is religion. If so, why? What is it our brains are hiding from us? What awful truth waits for us under this veil of religion. Our brains do not cause us to imagine things for nothing. Many people have been diagnosed with a variety of mental diseases in which they see things, hear voices and imagine things. Most psychologists will tell you that this is because their brains are blocking some tragic event or abuse in their life. What are our brains blocking from us that is so big it is instilled to us at birth and carries our entire lives? Its a big question, of course there is also the other possibility that this activity is not the cause of something but the effect or reaction to, in which case the implications could be monumental for those who believe that all gods are real.....


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