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Sunset April 30-Sunset May 1st

The Sixth station, Beltaine marks the mystical union of the elements in the sustenance of life and a time of environmental harmony.

In the spirit of environmental harmony, Beltaine is a time to honor your own surroundings .Tradition hangs fresh wild


flowers in the nooks and crannies of your house that are the homes of the household sprites. Contributing to the cycle of life or creating harmonies within your own environment are other subtle ways of celebrating Beltaine. Such things could be as simple as planting fresh grass,trees or flowers, setting up a bird bath, raking old leaves, or even taking a walk around your neighborhood, observing the elements of nature at work.

Beltaine is also a powerful time for encouraging growth, instigating a union or facilitating a group effort.

The day side of Beltaine is a festival of light, celebrating the sun as it grows stronger. The most well-known Beltaine tradition is the Maypole. A freshly felled tree pole, the Maypole can be left in its natural state and decorated with ribbons or stripped and painted in the twirled fashion that signifies the natural union.

Mayfires are also a common tradition on Beltaine. Built of 9 different types of wood, the fire is placed in the center of a nine square grid in which the outer eight squares have been dug out. Jumping through the smoke of the Mayfire is said to purify the sole.


A Traditional Beltaine Ritual

Before the dawn on May 1st, Gather an earthen bowl, a tall red candle, a Lagu rune, a pitcher of spring water, matches and appropriate incenses and fresh sprigs as you desire.

Find a place of balance, where you feel you can blend in the best.

Set up your alter space with the earthen bowl in the center. Place the candle and rune in the bowl, and the pitcher of water on the side of your dominant hand. I.E., if you are left handed it goes on the left, if you are right handed it goes on the right. Place the matches on the other side.

While you wait for the sunrise, visualize yourself as a physical part of the environment around you. Meditate on the harmonies around you.

As the first light breaks, light the candle, then pour the water into the bowl, without extinguishing the candle. As you do this reflect on the union of the earth that it symbolizes, and the strength that the coming light has to offer, and all it will produce.