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Sunset on Oct 31-Sunset on Nov.1

The 3rd Station, the seed falls from the parent plant, at great risk of destruction. Samhain is known as the crack of Time, when time is not yet old and not yet new.


Traditionally Samhain is when the veils between the past and future are thin, and is a powerful time for divination. Tarot, runes and tea leaves are only a few of the few tools of divination available, many of which are present at most Samhain festivals.

Samhain is also a time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. it is a time to end cycles to begin new ones, and is a time to shed unwanted possessions. Items not recyclable are traditionally burned in the Samhain fires.

A time of endings and beginnings, Samhain is a celebration that honors the dead, reveres in the living, reflects on the past and looks to the future.