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Tarot Basics

The Magik of the Tarot is most popularly practiced in two forms. Divination, the most common, is the art of looking down the path ahead. This is generaly practiced by reading a series of cards in relation to the ones around them. Tarot Magik, the second form, is the practice of guided meditation to achieve specific outcomes. This uses the deck to represent the spread you would like to be true, and helps you to focus your energy in that direction.

Your destiny does not lay paved before you, inevitable and unchangeable. Your future is nothing more than a series of choices leading to a final destination. There are several destinations to choose from, and The Tarot is nothing more than a roadmap to the destiny you choose. The Tarot tells you what on the road ahead, allowing you to choose to continue on or change course.

Many people 'accuse' the modern Tarot reader of using intuition to adapt a reading to a specific persons life. However, that is exactly the point, for every card directly relates to a situation or subject in the inquirers' life. For example, An Ace of Cups followed by the Lover's Card could mean the beginning of new love or relationship. However, if a person is already married it would signify a resolution to hardships in regards to the relationship, a renewed love if you will. Without taking in to account the details of a person's life, how can you ever know what the cards are saying about it.

Once you learn the definitions of the cards, and the stories behind them, you will be more receptive to the relationships of the cards and you will fall into your own style of reading and your own way of knowing. Each person does it differently and that's the nature of divination.

The tarot originally only contained 22 cards, what we know now as the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana all have names, Such as the Sun, Thew Hierophant, Judgement, ect. These cards usually signify a key subject or turning point in your spread and should be given extra consideration.

Much later the other 56 cards were added, the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is made up of the four suites, Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles, similar to the commom playing deck we have today plus an extra court card, The Knight. The Minor Arcana is the meat of your reading, the what and when of the story.

The Tarot has been used as a divination tool for thousands of years all over the globe. The Tarot, however is very diverse and has other practical applications. The use of tarot cards in rituals can better direct your energies and make your visualizations more realistic. The basic principle behind Tarot Magik is lies in the spread. A Tarot spread marks the path to come. When you preset the spread, its enrgies combined with your own visulizations can set the spread into motion.