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Lunar Phases 2006




January 29TH
January 6TH
January 14TH
January 22ND
February 28TH
February 5TH
February 13TH
February 21ST
March 29TH
March 6TH March 14TH
March 22ND
April 27TH
April 5TH
April 13TH
April 21ST
May 27TH
May 5TH
May 13TH
May 20TH
June 25TH
June 3RD
June 11TH
June 18TH
July 25TH
July 3RD
July 11TH
July 17TH
August 23TH
August 2ND
August 31ST
August 9TH
August 16TH
September 22TH
September 30TH
September 7TH
September 14TH
October 22TH
October 29TH
October 7TH
October 14TH
November 20TH
November 28TH
November 5TH
November 12TH
December 20TH
December 27TH December 5TH December 12TH

Full Moon Names and Meanings Of Northern NE
**Named by Algonquin tribe of North America**
Jauary Wolfe Moon Named For the Sounds of the hungry wolves who bay at January's frigid fullness.
February Snow or Hunger Moon aptly named for the hunger brought by the heavy snows of the febuary blizzard
March Crow Moon or Crust Moon The cawing of the crows herald the end of winter and the top layer of snow is crusted from melting in the day and freezing in the night.
April Pink Moon In early April the lands are covered by a vast blanket of wild ground flox.
May Flower Moon Every Flower in bloom echoes the sweet fertility of the coming season.
June Strawberry Moon Or rose Moon For June is the season for the sweet strawberries and velvet Roses.
July Buck Moon or thunder moon For as the antlers of the young buck and old grow, thunder rolls in the northern skies
August Barley Moon A barley moons signals an elongated summer, two years out of three.
September Harvest Moon Known gor lending its light to aid farmers for harvesting thier crops before the first frost, Notably; every night the moon rises 56 min. later than the night before, with the exception of the nights surrounding the Harvest moon, when it rises only 25-30 min. later.
October Hunters Moon Fat deer and small animals are easy targets for winter stock in the bare bush
November Beaver Moon As beavers Make ready for the coming ice, traps make them warm furs to expel winter's chill.
December Cold Moon The chill of December is so great that it freexes the light of the moon itself upon the sill of your window.

Sun Cycles For 2006
Perihelion Jan 4  
Aphelion July 3  
Solstices June 21 Dec 22
Equinoxes Mar 20 Sept 23



Monthly Lunar/Solar Calender 2006