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sundown Dec 21st-sunset January 2nd

Yule, the fourth station, marks the Sol Invicus (undefeated sun) and signifies enlightenment and the rebirth of the day.

A Universal time of rebirth, many different religions mark the birth of their significator at this time.


Many other Yule tide tradition transcends into christian celebrations, such as the Christmas tree.In a pagan house an evergreen decorated with ribbons, pine cones and berries or bulbs represents life continuing on through the dark winter, and brings hope of making it through the bitter storms ahead.

Similarly is the yule log, a symbol of eternal light reminding us that the sun shines through all 12 months, and will return stronger in coming seasons.

Other traditions include the eating of the yule cakes, one for each day of Yule time, the lighting of candles on St. Lucy's day, the hanging of evergreens about the house and home.

Yule is a powerful time to invoke a renewal, or to bring about change. Yule, more than anything, is a time to get up and celebrate, just to remind yourself that its not always cold and white and wet. There are better days ahead.